quinta-feira, 12 de março de 2009

Campaign against Touradas / Bullfights in Azores,*

No to the stabbing and slaughtering of bulls in the Azores Islands ----At a time when some
people taking advantage of a change in the 2004 constitution concerning the Political
Statute of the Azores are preparing to persuade the Azores Legislative Assembly to
legalize stabbing and slaughtering the bulls a group of citizens have decided to fight to
defend animal rights including these bullfights which are part of the problem.
Considering that it is unacceptable for any animal to be tortured for human entertainment.
Considering that any act that includes the needless death of any animal is biocide or a
crime against life (Article II of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights). Considering
that animal rights should be defended by law, just as Human Rights ( Article 14) and as
we believe that cultural evolution will replace tradition and ignorance we wish to show
our total disagreement with this intention and so appeal that:

1- That street rope bullfights should not be approved nor supported by public funds on
islands where they are not traditional.

2- That stabbing and slaughtering bulls, not being part of our tradition or culture
should not be legalized in The Autonomous Region of the Azores.

3- That regional legislation for the protection of animals should be approved,
considering the European Legislation and the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights that
was proclaimed on the 15 th of October, 1978 and approved by Unesco.

Dear friends,

If you agree with this petition, please add your signature together with your profession
and country.

We would be very grateful if you could obtain more signatures.

We thank you and hope you do this to avoid unnecessary suffering of defenceless animals.

Teófilo Braga

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* By anti-authoritarian anti-capitalist ecologist group from Azores